FAQ Page

Our team will schedule two appointments. The first appointment is an evaluation that typically lasts between 45-60 minutes and its purpose is to gather data on aspects of visual function beyond eyesight. The second appointment is a conference with the patient (if an adult) or parents/guardians to review the results and determine an individualized treatment plan. There are many different considerations for patients that may need vision therapy and our expert team can help navigate you through the process.

Absolutely! Our team will work together with your family eye doctor on addressing the concerns that we are uniquely qualified in treating. You and your family will be referred back to your family eye doctor for ongoing eye and vision examinations which are critical for long term eye health and success.

Studies have shown that children as young as 8 years old can wear contact lenses safely and if there is a medical reason then children younger than 8 years old can wear contact lenses safely! Contact lenses are a great option for children since the lenses can improve self-confidence, performance in sport and certain lenses can help prevent children’s eyesight from deteriorating! Find out more information here.

If the examination is evaluating medical concerns which includes questions regarding eye tracking, focusing or eye strain among others, then the medical portion of the examination can be billed to your medical insurance. Your responsibility is determined by your specific insurance plan.

A refraction is the determination of any prescription necessary to help aid vision. It is a crucial part to an eye examination as prescription issues can cause symptoms beyond blurred vision including headaches, eye strain and even mimic dry eye symptoms.